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Sam Brown is a musician, composer, and producer from Los Angeles, California. A trained classical and jazz pianist, guitarist, and composer, Sam Brown is known for his experimental, genre-bending approach to music. He has been featured in national publications in Bandcamp and international publications in Slovakia, Japan, Belgium, Dublin, London, and Mexico and local radio in Chapel Hill, NC. He has collaborated internationally with musicians from Senegal, India, and Belgium. His music has drawn comparisons to Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Primal Scream, The Mars Volta, Aphex Twin, Mort Gason, Four Tet, and the Beatles. 

Sam's debut album, Yellow Cake, a conceptual war-themed work, was released internationally on Irish label Little L Records on September 11, 2015. His debut, was described as “distinctly original” and delving “deep into the psychedelic and progressive.”

His second album, Wheel of Fortune, released July 7th, 2016.

In 2015, Sam completed his Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in music composition. During his studies, he continued in his classical and jazz piano and guitar training, augmenting these skills with a study of Hindustani music while studying in India. He also creates experimental electronic beats using analog and digital synthesizers. Using these skills, Sam developed a diverse composition catalogue – his work covers everything from hip-hop, jazz, house, rock, funk, classical music and many other genres.

He has been a band-leader, song-writer, and performer for seven years. Though he often leads from the piano and sings, Sam possesses knowledge of guitar, sitar, violin, and percussion.

His band is a funky art rock outfit of inspired young classical and jazz musicians that has garnered a reputation for their exciting live performances.


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